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Applications are given out after touring. Applications are accepted throughout the year and go into a pool of applicants. If a spot becomes available during the school year we will select from the applicant pool based on the needs of our classrooms, ensuring that we are admitting families based on factors of diversity including:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Socio-economic status
    • Family constellation
    • Ethnicity

Applications must be submitted by mail or in person to our campus mailbox including a family photo or child rendered drawing and must include a $40 application fee.

For more information take a look at our Events page to RSVP for the next school tour or attend the next Open House!


Acceptance letters are sent via email by March 15 of the year of admission.


A tuition assistance application should be requested and submitted with an application. Tax returns are a requirement for tuition assistance. Tuition assistance is given out based on the needs of families and the amount of tuition assistance raised over the school year. Yearly scholarships range from $600-$6,000.

To donate to our scholarship fund please click here!

Center of Gravity also accepts county vouchers.

Enrollment Information

For more information and to take a tour please email: info@centerofgravityece.org

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