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Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.
— Verna Myers

             From its inception, the Center of Gravity (CoG) was founded as an all-inclusive, child-centered,
community school. A place where school leadership, advisors and founding families converged around an essential core belief: “Diversity can not be created through hope alone, it must be cultivated from the ground up, inside and out - by design.” Here at CoG, all members of the school community (families, staff, advisors and alumni) have committed themselves to embrace a fundamental sense of inclusion and belonging - by design, with children in mind. This blueprint is drawn together around intentional, intersectional lines of diversity that shape, inform and influence how families, students, and staff come together as a purpose-built community; including: race, ethnicity, culture, language, relational orientation, gender, income, ability, profession, family structure, geography, etc. As a result of this ambitious framework, we have attracted a number of world renowned authors, researchers and partnering agencies who are proud to be associated with our program and our strong stance around inclusion and culturally responsive practices; in both systems and structure.

           We recognize that “Diversity-by-Design” is only achievable through a concerted, ongoing
commitment from, with, and for the entire school community. Each of us willing to listen to one another’s
perspectives and lived-experiences; united as a community of learners and leaders: all together, not the same. With this position statement, we each re-commit ourselves to CoG’s core values and seek to ensure “Diversity-by-Design” is a central and primary focus for the Family Advisory Board. Our shared commitment to diversity, community, creativity and innovation will be evergreen: unchanging and unshakable in its application. We hold this commitment with conviction, as our school strives to be a beacon of what is possible in the world; a living example of hope, empowerment and inclusion for all. We believe in the promise of this school and what it has to offer our children, ourselves and our community-at-large.

             We invite you to join us by leaning in together: to listen, to learn, and to remain open to complex perspectives and histories; especially when those perspectives and/or lived experiences are different from our own. Together we endeavor to create a haven of hope and love, and to cultivate a profound sense of belonging for all who are connected and committed to the beliefs and tenets of this school. Thank you for your collaboration in making this possible.

“Inclusive, good quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies.” - A.B. Desmond Tutu